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Dear Sir/Madam


I just wanna ask if you have exercises for SEAMO Compeititon (South East Asian Mathematical Oympiad) ?


Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon.



Mr. aGrix

Dear Mr. aGrix,


Exercises for SEAMO will be made available soon on

Regards, Team Edugain

Dear Sir/Madam


Appreciate much for your reply.

That would be great then. Because SEAMO Competition will be held soon around November.  I want to prepare my students for that competition as soon as possible.


This portal is very useful.  I have many students achieved high score and even got a medals.


Thank you for you help.


Mr. Agrix

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your patience.

You can now generate SEAMO worksheets using the following link

Team Edugain

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